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With four unlimited options — two of which that cost the same — Verizon isn't going to win prizes for clarity.


But at least, it's charging a little less for unlimited data than it was before. Perks include 15GB of high-speed hotspot data and GB of free cloud storage.

What are the benefits of Three?

You also get six months of Apple Music. If you're more into streaming, the identically priced Play More may be the better choice. Apple Music is included in that plan, and you get to stream video at HD resolution instead of settling for p as you have to with Do More. Your speeds may slow after consuming 25GB of data, though, under the Play More plan.

Basic restricts you to p resolution video streaming with caps on music and gaming streaming speeds, too , offers Hulu only, limits LTE hotspot data to MB and halves data to 5GB for Mexico and Canada travelers. If you need more hotspot data as in 50GB of hotspot data , want unlimited data when you travel to Mexico and Canada, or want an Amazon Prime membership included with your wireless services, you could pay up for Unlimited Premium.

The new Get More plan has the biggest cap at 75GB. Verizon's best option for individuals who don't need unlimited data comes with caveats of its own.

Cheapest pay as you go SIM deals

And it's only available if you've got just one phone on Verizon's network. In fact, it's the only option Verizon now offers individual customers outside of an unlimited plan. Since Verizon offers rollover data, unused data at the end of one month gets applied to next month's allotment. And the carrier's Safety Mode feature merely throttles your data speed when you go over your limit instead of charging you overage fees.

You will need to enable Safety Mode, though. Who Should Get It: People who want a lot of data without paying up for an unlimited plan. Both those prices assume discounts for enrolling in autopay. You get talk, text and data when traveling in Mexico, too, but you are restricted to streaming video in p resolution. Keep your credit. Shop Now.

Can I keep my number when I switch to Three?

Frequently asked questions. How do I check my local network coverage? Visit our easy coverage checker to see signal strength in all parts of Ireland. How do I check if I'm eligible for an upgrade? Checking your upgrade eligibility is easy. Just check My3 online or with the My3 App.

follow site If I switch to Three can I keep my current phone number? Keeping your old number is easy.

Just follow the steps here. What are the charges when I go over my monthly allowance? We like to keep our charges simple.

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Switching your mobile provider once your contract has ended is very straight-forward. Both will analyse your bills from the last three months to determine your average usage and suggest deals based on this. You sure can, if you switch over to an Three mobile deal and want to keep your old number, then simply call your old network, get a PAC code and transition it over. What happens if my phone breaks on contract? Though the process varies by provider and you may be able to do it on the phone, once you've got your new temporary number from your new network, you'll usually then need to fill in an online form. What do I do next? News Barclays reverses decision on… Green number plates to help electric….

You can find a full list right here. What are the benefits of 3Plus?

How do I check my credit balance? Checking your Three Prepay balance is simple.

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Just visit My3 online or use the app, call from your phone to hear your balance, or dial to see your balance on screen.