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The iPhone 11 line is mostly glass. Sure, Apple has ads showing the new iPhone dropping and bouncing off the ground in slo-mo, and the company claims it's the most scratch-resistant glass ever, but trust me, glass does shatter. Some people don't like the added bulk, but I prefer to protect my phone investment with a case.

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The Speck Presidio Sport provides good protection without being overly bulky, but if you want really bulletproof protection, go for an OtterBox case. The easiest way to order is from Apple. We recommend you buy the phone unlocked. That way you'll be able to use it on any wireless carrier, should you ever decide to switch.

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When it comes time to upgrade in a couple of years, you'll get more money back for an unlocked phone. And again, we recommend a GB model if you go for a Pro.


Below are some major retailer offers, which should all sell unlocked versions of the phone recommended. Having said that, there are some carrier specific deals out there. They're worth a look if you're not planning to sell your phone in the future or switch wireless networks.

We've linked to the standard iPhone 11 pages. We linked to the standard iPhone 11, but you can also order the iPhone 11 Pro.

If you've been planning to switch anyway, and want an unlimited plan, this isn't a bad deal. Here's a link to the iPhone 11 Pro page. For example, trade in an iPhone 7 and get half off the iPhone Best Buy order page : You can get all three phones from Best Buy, which also has trade-in offers.

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The Huffington Post. ID validation required for price shown 6. Wi-Fi The main hardware improvement is the new A13 Bionic processor. The iPhone 5 model's screen results in an aspect ratio of approximately

Get instant cash let us Come to you and buy your device. Port Elizabeth 2 hrs ago 2 hours ago. R Umhlanga 2 hrs ago 2 hours ago.

How to Pick the Right iPhone 11 and Where to Order It

Great phone still in very good condition, one owner, comes with iPhone cover plus earbuds plus charger. Space grey. Kuils River 2 hrs ago 2 hours ago. Durbanville 2 hrs ago 2 hours ago. Iphone 5s 16gig good condition.

Blue Downs 2 hrs ago 2 hours ago. Woodstock 2 hrs ago 2 hours ago. Very good condition IPhone 5s R call Century City 3 hrs ago 3 hours ago. New phone R Very good condition iphone 5s open to all networks R call Very good condition open to all networks comes wth usb cable only Call Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector. Umhlanga 4 hrs ago 4 hours ago. On an LCD, a single panel lights all of the pixels at once, regardless of the color each individual pixel is displaying even black. The 11 and the 11 Pro both have the same megapixel wide-angle lens and the same megapixel ultra-wide lens, which lets you capture more of a scene than the standard wide-angle lens.

The additional telephoto lens on the 11 Pros like those on the 8 Plus, the X, and the XS and XS Max is set to a 2x optical zoom, meaning it has a focal distance twice that of the wide lens, and it captures more detail from a smaller area, letting you zoom in.

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The photos taken with the iPhone XR were already great, and thanks to improved processing software, those taken on the 11 look even better. This is the same photo, with Night Mode turned off. Photo: Nick Guy. Night Mode makes shots that might be otherwise unusable look legitimately good. Our favorite camera feature, and quite possibly the best feature of the iPhones, period, is Night Mode.

It allows you to take legitimately good photos at night or in other dark settings, through a combination of longer exposure time and software processing.

I Got a $50 iPhone 5S!

The iPhone XR provided great battery life. The iPhone 11 builds on that, with Apple claiming the 11 gets an extra hour of charge compared with the XR. In our testing, we were able to easily get through a full day of use with about 30 percent battery remaining, at worst.

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That GB level is a real sweet spot. The iPhone 11 is rated at the same IP68 level as the 11 Pro, but it is only rated to survive for a half-hour under 2 meters of water, not the 4 meters the Pro offers. But it has a fast processor, a good camera, water resistance, wireless charging, and other modern features. It costs less than half of what an iPhone 11 Pro does, and the 64 GB entry-level model should have enough storage for most people. That means the iPhone 8 is tested to withstand being under a meter of water for 30 minutes, compared with 2 meters for the iPhone 11 and 4 meters for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Each feature has advantages. The 64 GB of storage on the iPhone 8 is plenty for most people, especially for those on a budget. They have some features that the iPhone 11 lacks, including the telephoto camera lens, OLED screens with higher resolution and better contrast, stainless steel bodies, and a matte texture. Overall, they just look and feel nicer. With it you can shoot at 2x optical zoom, rather than having to rely on digital zoom, which is really just cropping the 11 Pro can digitally zoom up to 10x, compared with 5x on the You can also take Portrait Mode photos at 1x or 2x zoom, while the iPhone 11 will shoot at 1x only.