Mermaid car wash coupon golden valley

Self Service Car Wash in Golden Valley, MN

Bradley Jl September 14, The prices go up and the attention to detail goes down.

FROZEN Truck Detail - Complete Interior Exterior Car Detailing Below Zero!

And it is the 21st century. Figure out, It's time to figure out how to add a tip to the bill And pay with credit card. Lisa D October 12, Jolane Jones July 17, Michael January 26, Duff Watson January 24, The unlimited plans are a great deal. All of my staff use this carwash. Reid Robbins Court Reporting. They always do a great job here, but if you go on a slow afternoon when they don't have much traffic They may do a bit better.

Amanda Lillemoe February 3, Roscoe July 10, The menu on their website is completely different from what is offered at the car wash. Matthew Weyland February 4, JK March 13, Bill Dunne February 12, The receipt said "frequent customer. Kelly Land July 2, Heidi Brandenburg Pierson December 27, Vanessa April 8, Carrie VanHouten November 4, Casey Jelinski April 18, Chante Sims August 14, Geoff Johnson April 3, Don't go during peak hours i. You'll get a much better experience.

Neil Milan March 17, Steven Schmidt April 7, Note: many involve cheese.

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  • Mermaid Carwash (Now Closed) - Car Wash in Golden Valley.

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Mermaid Carwash

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WaterWerks Car Wash is a car wash in Golden Valley MN. WaterWerks Car Wash has deals on Golden Valley car wash services and car detailing services. See 34 photos and 31 tips from visitors to Mermaid Carwash. Golden Valley. Save. Share . Buy the coupon book for multiple washes, it is a great deal .

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