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I have been taking nicorettes 2mg for at least 10 years now and just cannot get off it. I panicked when once there was no stock in the stores. I am getting trembles, especially in the middle of the night. I wake up at 2. My biggest issue is the trembling and not sleeping and I start to believe that it is caused by Nicorette. I tried normal gums, but it has no effect and will follow with a Nicorette. It really worries me and have now decided to stop if I can. If there is any advise out there, I would appreciate that.

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My mom has developed horrid issues on the skin of her arms, has terrible headaches, and is constantly sick on her stomach. What are your comments about headaches and the gum?

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I have been addicted to nigotett gum since Very addicted. I have had dental issues. Muscle weakness. I would tell anyone if you want to stop smoking your better off to go cold turkey.

Money’s better than e-cigs or nicotine gum at helping smokers quit, study says - The Verge

The gum addiction to me is worse than cigarette addiction. I pray one day I will throw this gum out the door. Easier said than done. I just went cold turkey and quit 6 days ago.

It is brutal. Costco has the best deal as far as pieces, money ratio.

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Buy discount nicotrol nicotine gum and nicorette gum nicotine online at discounted prices with discrete worldwide shipping for stop smoking lowest prices online. Nicotine gum is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that can help reduce withdrawal Nicotine gum can help reduce withdrawal symptoms like restlessness.

Will keep you posted on my progress. Hello…My name is Gwyn…and I am a nicotine gum addict… there should be a 12 step program, for real. I have chewed nic gum for 2 years now. I have become a pro at peeling the little corner back to get to my nicotine treat. The side effect I have experienced is horrible dental problems… in the process of getting dentures at this time, actually. I chewed the gum for years then developed terrible dental problems.

Know About the Pathophysiology of Nicotine Withdrawal

Has anyone else had this problem. I have around 3 years off the gum. I found this page because I was craving one. Thank you all for the encouragement! I have been using nicotex for over like 4 yrs…its difficult to explain…but believe me all the above reviews are true.. At some times I used to pop up a gum after smoking because the nicotine hit from the gum was stronger than smoking.. Anyway it caused me stomach problems and I have to see a doctor and took antibiotics and then decided to throw the gum and continue smoking!! Just had to quit the gum after 20 yrs of being addicted to the gum.

I have sores on the inside of both cheeks. The biopsy showed buffalo oral mucosa.

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Not am treating with steroid. Please stop if you cand. What I have could go into cancer. I quit smoking in August but it took a furthur 3 years before I managed to get off nicotine lozenges…I was sucking two 4mg at once all day then I got it down to one at a time…then one day in November I decided to quit them after gum and teeth issues…it was very tough coming off them I had disassociation and sleep issues…the one side effect I can say has definently got better is hair loss…there used to be hair all over my computer desk where it was coming out now that has stopped….

Is there a way to know how many gums per day were being consumed by all the people mentioned in the article?

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So what is the safe amount? Store Availability.

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